Refresher Driving Lessons

Refresher Driving Lessons

You may have decided to take a break from driving after passing your test, and now need some more practice. Feeling intimidated by today's busy roads?
You can benefit from our refresher lessons and gain the confidence you need to be a happy and competent driver.

A refresher driving course is perfect to make sure you are always driving at your very best.

If you already hold a UK driving license, but want to polish up your driving skills, then our refresher course is perfect for you.

The range of skills covered in our refresher course will depend on how you drive- our instructors will make sure the course is adapted to suit your needs and requirements.

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Good Luck Driving School pupils

Refresher lessons Helps

Refresher lessons are ideal for those drivers that have not driven in some time
or the individuals who have been associated with a mishap and have lost certainty.

So you've passed your test, managing to get through those tricky parking manoeuvres, but how many of you are really confident about parking your car? In today's busy towns it is always difficult to find a space to leave your vehicle. Most of us drive around until we find somewhere that we know won't be too tricky to park in. Wouldn't it be nice to have the confidence to do that parallel parking again or to reverse into a space at the supermarket car park. With our parking skills lessons you can increase your knowledge and learn to park properly anywhere!

Recently got a new car?

Changing car can leave you unfamiliar with many buttons and controls. To make this process as safe and easy as possible, you should consider taking a refresher course with us today.

Just moved to the UK?

It can be tricky to adapt to driving on the different side of the road, or in a different country in general. If you have recently moved to the UK, a refresher course can make this easy.

Had a break from driving?

Our refresher driving lessons in Merton and the surrounding areas will be perfect to get you back on the roads. We can make sure you drive confidently and safely when returning to the road.


View our rates for the refresher driving lessons.
This course lasts for 4 hours and is spread over over 2 days (2 hours a day).

Good Luck Driving School pupils

For an automatic car charge £35 per hour for the 4 hour course.

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